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Rare disease spotlight


We need your help to build a GLOBAL CHAIN OF LIGHTS 💫 illuminating emblematic buildings all around the world for #RareDiseaseDay!

Do you want to contribute? 👀

🕌 Follow these guidelines!

In today's #DecodingDravet blog @Science_Hood discusses what to consider before sharing too many personal details on #socialmedia while in an active #clinicaltrial

Last day to register for #RareAcrossAmerica2021

Start the year by making an impact on federal policy close to your home. Share your rare disease story and meet other rare disease advocates!

To register visit:

Join us Tuesday, February 9th at 6:30pm EST for the HAEA Webinar: 2021 Legislative Update and Welcome to Congress!

Register here:

#HAEA #HereditaryAngioedema #HAE #Advocacy #HMCW #Webinar

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