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Rare disease spotlight


& not medically necessary

Medical best practice is you diagnose based on symptoms, and confirm with a test

No symptoms, no test

This is just child abuse

Come on @AmerAcadPeds @ESPO_PedENT @who Start defending children based on medicine & science & stop your political silence

James Melville@JamesMelville

This is not normal. It is completely abnormal.


My little sister has a rare chromosome disorder called @Phelan_McDermid. She is #1in5million and today is about raising awareness for people like her #worldwide!

Please share and continue to raise awareness for people like my sister!❤️☘️


Must Read—Prof @UdiQimron, Head of Immunology/Microbiology at Tel Aviv Univ, pens powerful open letter to 🇮🇱Ministry of Health

“In the end, the truth will always be revealed, & the truth re the coronavirus policy is beginning to be revealed.. 2yrs late..”

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