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Hoy #DiaMundialdelaEnfermedaddeBehçet #BehcetsAwarenessDay
Conoce #Behçet👇@behcetspain
Para Estrella👇@estrella50cisne, “El enemigo en mi”
Investigar por una cura necesaria para la #enfermedaddeBehçet, y el conjunto de las #EERR👍


The number of COVID-19 admitted ICU patients continues to fall in NYC and had never exceeded 1,000 (in a city of +8MM!) during the Omicron peak. The ever-widening list of symptoms coupled with fearful public messaging led some people I know to go the hospital for no clear reason.

Mark D. Levine@MarkLevineNYC

The BA.2 wave in NYC is real. Cases, while still far below omicron peak, are rising. Hospitalizations are low but starting to increase as well.

That's why @nycHealthy recommends:
* Get boosted
* Wear mask in public indoor settings
* If you test + call 212-COVID19 to access care

Thank you @NHCouncil @NHF_Hemophilia @nkf @mssociety @CheckOrphan @NPAF_tweets @SusanGKomen for joining together and asking Congress to make #healthcare affordable because Coverage Matters #APTCs

Es Día Internacional de pacientes con #Porfiria
@porfiria_org propone el lema #JuntosPorLaPorfiria
Y está a tu lado para orientarte, vía email o teléfono ☎️
Conecta, conoce 👇

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