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Rare disease spotlight


Tune into the @US_FDA’s Rare Disease Day Virtual Public Meeting on 3/5 to continue to support #RareDiseaseDay 2021. Register to hear stories from members of the #raredisease community and NORD’s VP of #Policy, Rachel Sher. More:

@DirtDogsMom @H2OhTwist @NadiaBodkin @LifeAccrdingLiz @rarelikeher @KhrystalKDavis @mlweldon5 @DevinShuman @HannahEichner @KristinSmedley @SarcoidosisofLI @KathleenArntsen @RareCandace @NeenaNizar @WhItscomplex @RareNewEngland @Rose_of_Sharon8 @allisonherrity I’m not a fan of the @wegohealth awards which nominated advocates are expected to promote in order to get votes. Is that really the best, most productive use of our time? Does that make any actual impact for patients? No. I won’t be doing that again.

"We call on all scientists, public health officials, journalists, and politicians to weigh and consider the collateral damage from government COVID-19 control measures and their negative effect on many short-term and long-term health outcomes."

FEPER te invita “II CONGRESO INTERNACIONAL DE ENFERMEDADES RARAS Y HUÉRFANAS” los días 26, 27 y 28 de febrero de 9 am hasta las 12:30 pm 🇵🇪

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