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  • What is the role of synapses in the development of neurodegenerative diseases and how can nervous tissue be protected from cell death? These are the questions addressed by members of the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina as part of their research, with current findings being presented at the Online...
  • New Cleveland Clinic research found that drugs originally designed to help treat Alzheimer’s disease may hold promise for glioblastoma, the most common and lethal type of primary brain tumor. The findings were published in Nature Cancer. A class of drugs called BACE1 inhibitors were once among the most anticipated candidates...
  • Northwestern University researchers have developed a new injectable therapy that harnesses “dancing molecules” to reverse paralysis and repair tissue after severe spinal cord injuries. In a new study, researchers administered a single injection to tissues surrounding the spinal cords of paralyzed mice. Just four weeks later, the animals regained the...


Rare disease spotlight


What would you (or your child) do if you didn’t have to worry about lows? Tell us! Email [email protected], And learn more about HI clinical trials for a #FutureWithoutLows here:

Two more Cardiologists in the NHS have contacted me and their personal stories are concerning.

The first (no risk factors) had a heart attack 10 days after second mRNA shot

The second (one the most brilliant minds) refused the vaccine & will leave #NHS if mandate imposed


'How is Facebook correcting a consultant cardiologist on his expertise?'

Maajid Nawaz speaks to Dr Aseem Malhotra after his research was fact-checked after being published on Facebook.

@MaajidNawaz | @DrAseemMalhotra

100,000 American die of COVID 19 and we shut down the county and spend Trillions to fight it, HOWEVER each year a minimum of 135,000 American die from #RareCancers and next to nothing is done to protect the small biotechs which develop Orphan Drugs!

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