AllStripes Announces Collaboration with NIH’s NCATS to Launch Effort in Rare Disease Diagnosis

SAN FRANCISCO – AllStripes, a healthcare technology company dedicated to accelerating treatment research for patients with rare diseases, today announced a collaboration with the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS), an institute of the NIH established to transform the translational process so that new treatments and cures for disease can be delivered to patients faster.

Through the collaboration, AllStripes will deploy its proprietary, longitudinal, participant-centered, real-world evidence platform to launch two studies for two rare conditions. Goals of the collaboration include informing the understanding of healthcare utilization during the diagnostic period, as well as understanding a patient’s diagnostic journey.

“The traditional drug development process and approaches for diagnostic intervention are not able to support the unique needs of rare diseases, which affect one in 10 people worldwide. NCATS and AllStripes share a like-minded vision of the urgency to change this paradigm and help bring forward new treatments and diagnostic approaches, faster,” said Nancy Yu, co-founder and chief executive officer of AllStripes. “By leveraging our technology platform, AllStripes and NCATS will collaborate on two studies aimed at identifying opportunities to speed diagnosis and raising awareness of the economic and human cost of rare disease among key stakeholders. NCATS is well positioned to help change policy and clinical practice in rare disease in a tremendous way, and we are excited to collaborate to make a meaningful difference for patients and families.”

AllStripes and NCATS will initially launch two studies via AllStripes’ secure and de-identified platform of medical records. The first study will capture data on healthcare utilization in two rare diseases before and during the diagnostic period, with the goal of providing objective data on the cost of rare disease, especially for undiagnosed patients. A second study will capture data on the diagnostic journey in two rare diseases, with the goal of identifying algorithms and opportunities to speed diagnosis. Future studies may also explore the development of novel diagnostic tools to decrease time to diagnosis.

About AllStripes

AllStripes is a healthcare technology company dedicated to unlocking new treatments for people with rare diseases. AllStripes has developed a technology platform that generates FDA-ready evidence to accelerate rare disease research and drug development, as well as a patient application that empowers patients and families to securely participate in treatment research online and benefit from their own medical data. AllStripes was founded by CEO Nancy Yu and technology developer Onno Faber, following his diagnosis and journey with the rare disease neurofibromatosis type 2. The company is backed by Lux Capital, Spark Capital, Maveron, Village Global, Garuda Ventures and a number of angel investors. For more information, visit


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