Clinigen launches the ‘What is Possible?’ campaign to expand access to rare disease treatments

Burton-on-Trent, England – Clinigen, the global pharmaceutical services company, today launched a new campaign called ‘What is Possible?’ to help empower patients and medical professionals to ask what more is possible in the treatment of rare diseases. There are over 7,000 rare diseases impacting over 300 million people globally, and yet only 5% have a licensed treatment. The campaign, complete with a newly launched webpage, aims to support and educate both patients and clinicians about potential routes and solutions for rare disease treatment, through its Early Access Programs.

Early Access Programs (EAPs) can give people with life threatening or debilitating conditions early controlled access to unlicensed medicines that are still in development, giving fresh hope to thousands of patients. It is an area of medicine that is not widely known or understood; in fact, according to a Clinigen study, just over a third (32%) of patients are aware that they can access these EAPs. The ‘What is Possible?’ microsite and campaign have been developed to highlight to both healthcare practitioners and patients that they/their patient could be eligible for an EAP and gain access to an unlicensed medication or a clinical trial.

Clinigen is a world leader in this space; with 38% of its programs focused on rare diseases, the company is currently running approximately 300+ active Early Access Programs globally. To date, Clinigen has supplied over 17,000 patients in the UK with an unlicensed medicine through an access program; and with 365 UK hospitals/healthcare institutes and over 2,000 UK physicians already registered, many patients are receiving access to these EAPs. But many are not. There is inequity in access and knowledge across the UK, and Clinigen wants to change this with the launch of this new initiative.

Shockingly, it can take five to thirty years to get a diagnosis of a rare disease, and when they finally receive one, patients often struggle to cut through the complex healthcare industry to find a way forward. Patients and doctors need to be backed by knowledge and resources, and knowing how to navigate their way to early access to medicines. That’s why we have launched the ‘What is Possible?’ campaign. It shouldn’t depend on where you live and the doctor you happen to see if you can get on an EAP. We want to democratise the process and make EAPs available for more people in need”, said Dr Lorna Pender, Global Patient Engagement Lead at Clinigen.



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