This video will save a little boy’s life

This video outlines an urgent life saving mission by the Finglas family. It tells the story of their 2 year old son Dylan Finglas.
Dylan was diagnosed (Oct.2014) with a devastating, very rare, fatal genetic condition called “Multiple Sulfatase Deficiency” (MSD). Sadly, it has a low life expectancy with most children not seeing their 10th birthday.

Right now Dylan is very well in almost every way and is not on any medication. Unless Dylan gets life saving treatment it is a 100% certainty that Dylan will suffer terribly with MSD, almost all his bodily functions will be attacked resulting in death at a young age.

There is a cure on paper but it has to be developed for humans. There have been major breakthroughs with research for MSD which need further research and studies in order to develop the cure and treatment for all patients to benefit.

Please follow our journey and help us drive our campaign forward to give our little boy & other children with MSD a chance at life.

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