Mal de Debarquement / Disembark­ment Syndrome

Hi, my name is Dr. Troy Giles. I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Natural Internist and today I wanted to do a followup regarding Mal de Debarquement Syndrome. I’ve had several people tell me that my treatment for Mal de Debarquement is not actually for Mal de Debarquement and I would agree somewhat. What I mentioned in previous video is that by vibrating the back of the head, trying to reestablish the autolysis or the crystals that coat the hair-like structures within the inner ear have possibly fallen off. I find that many people on cruises have all kinds of activities that have a tendency to knock off the autolysis. So that can be anywhere from playing in the ocean to riding a zip line to whatever. So that is one concept and one part of the treatment that I apply with Mal de Debarquement. So what that looks like is this. I take the ProAdjuster which is a unit that I use for adjusting here in my practice. I have the patient lay off the table. So Molly come over this way just a little bit. So with her head in this position. I vibrate the back of her head with a small vibration. You can kind of see my finger jumping there. So I put it on the back of the head and I just move it to a full range of motion. As we’re vibrating, we’re moving her head in all directions. So I’m going to come over on this other side here now and I come over to the far right. Now that’s for the left side, or for the right side and I do the same thing on the left side. As we’re vibrating, that’s moving those hair-like crystals, the auto, auto means ear, hearing. Lif means rock. So the small rock crystals are vibrated back on to the hair-like structures that help you give your equilibrium. So that’s one part that I do.

Secondly, as a chiropractor, I’ll adjust the neck, making sure that all the information is passing up and down through the neck the way that it should.

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0:10 I want to do a followup regarding Mal de Debarquement syndrome.
0:35 Structures within the inner ear have possibly fallen off.
1:18 I vibrate the back of her head with a small vibration.
2:30 Your mind is constantly looking for the horizon.
3:02 For that whole week you’re trying to get your bearings.
4:05 Another way to get rid of dizziness
4:20 Stay there until the spinning stops
4:47 There is a video of this whole thing online.
5:16 It’s been working well for a lot of people.

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