International Cri Du Chat Syndrome Awareness Video (Phase 1)

As most of you know, Cri Du Chat syndrome affects every country, race, gender, religion, political affiliation, and social class. Most people may not have heard about Cri Du Chat syndrome, but we are here, and our goal is to be known.
Our goal is to end the outdated misinformation given to our families. Even living in the digital age, most people are unaware what Cri Du Chat syndrome is and what our society stands for.
Every year, there are children that are born with Cri Du Chat syndrome and due to the rarity of the syndrome and the lack of information, these children slip through the cracks and are not diagnosed, or are misdiagnosed. Every year, there are families that are presented with information, about their child’s syndrome, from the 1970’s. Stating that their child will not walk, talk, and may die at an early age. This information is not necessarily true, and something needs to be done about it. We are here to remedy these issues. Our hope is that we are able to raise awareness of Cri Du Chat syndrome and to get the most up to date information into the hands of medical professionals around the world. We don’t want another family to slip through the cracks and for another family to live in fear that their child may die at an early age.

So, once again, we ask that you join us in spreading awareness, Join us as we stand together, hand in hand with friends and family, children and adults, old and young, rich and poor, from around the world, to say that we are here and that Cri Du Chat syndrome exists.