Genetic Disorders And Diseases

Genetic Disorders And Diseases.

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Beginning more than three and a half billion years ago, a tiny, primitive molecule encoded instructions deep within itself. Then it passed these instructions on to its children, who passed it to their children and so on – all the way down through time to all living things today.

The human genome, written in a code of just four letters, tells us who we really are – and that generates many questions!
Is this process of natural selection coming to an end? Should we choose the best that is in us for our children? If so, who gets to decide what is meant by “the best that is in us”? From amino acids in space to human genes in corn — this is the story.

1) The Human Genome:…
2) The DNA Instruction Manual:…
3) Genetic Disorders And Diseases:…
4) Pandora’s Box Of Genetics:…


This is the story of the universe and our place within it. And if that’s not enough, we will describe how every atom in existence today came into beeing, how galaxies formed, how our own solar system began. We will trace the progress of life on Earth from its humble beginnings to the emergence of mitochondrial Eve. And from Eve until now, we will follow the progress as humankind spread around the globe.

The Cassiopeia Project – making science simple!

The Cassiopeia Project is an effort to make high quality science videos available to everyone. If you can visualize it, then understanding is not far behind.

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