Chocolate Bar For A Cure

Chocolate Bar for a cure video featuring best friends Dylan and Jonah.To help find a cure:

Features song “What You Need” by Les Friction. Song can be purchased here ( with ALL proceeds going towards a cure for GSD 1b!

What is GSD1b? Affecting literally 1 in a million, Glycogen Storage Disease Type 1b is an incurable genetic condition. Children born with this disease lack the liver enzyme that turns glycogen into glucose, rendering them unable to regulate blood sugar levels. Untreated, their blood sugar can drop to dangerously low levels resulting in severe hypoglycemia, seizures and even death. Currently, the only known treatment is a mixture of store-bought cornstarch and water, which must be consumed every few hours. Cornstarch takes longer for the body to metabolize, maintaining blood sugar levels for an extended period of time. Children with GSD Type 1b also have very low white blood cell counts and therefore, struggle with fighting infections. So even mild infections can land Jonah in the hospital for weeks at a time.

What is Chocolate Bar?

“Chocolate Bar” means “awesome” to 6-year-old Dylan, who wrote Chocolate Bar, the Book to raise $1 million towards a cure for his best friend’s rare liver disease.

Chocolate Bar Book Mission

We hope that Chocolate Bar helps kids everywhere see that their big ideas can make big, positive changes in the world.