07-2 – Guy Andry – Lip and oral cavity squamous cell (Part 2)

1 Lip and oral cavity squamous cell carcinomas

2 5 Year survival

3 Lip cancer: epidemiology

4 Lip cancer: treatment options

5 Lip cancer: case examples

6 Lip cancer: prognostic factors

7 Lip cancer: probability of LN invasion

8 Lip cancer: micrographic surgery

9 Treatment of T1 and T2 lip cancer

10 Lip cancer: trial basis

11 Floor of mouth cancer

12 Floor of mouth cancer: treatment options

13 Floor of mouth cancer: case example MRI

14 Floor of mouth cancer: outcome

15 Oral tongue cancer T1, T2: surgery

16 Oral tongue cancer: case examples

17 Elective vs. therapeutic neck dissection: data

18 Lower alveolar ridge & retromolar trigone T1-2 ca.

19 Upper alveolar ridge & hard palate cancers

20 Buccal Mucosa cancers: treatment and results

21 Buccal Mucosa cancers: case example

22 Conclusions