Published Date: October 23, 2021

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A Case Report of <em>Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum</em> with Rare Sequence Variants in Genes Related to Inherited Retinal Diseases

Authors: Francesco Demetrio Lofaro, Dario Pasquale Mucciolo, Vittoria Murro, Laura Pavese, Daniela Quaglino, Federica Boraldi

Diagnostics (Basel). 2021 Sep 29;11(10):1800. doi: 10.3390/diagnostics11101800.


A case of a patient with an early and severe visual impairment is described. Due to the occurrence of skin papules a suspect of pseudoxanthoma elasticum (PXE) was posed. PXE is a rare autosomal recessive disease clinically characterized by skin, cardiovascular and ocular manifestations, these last being those that most severely affect patients' quality of life. A whole exome sequencing approach focusing on 340 genes related to the calcification process and/or to inherited retinal diseases (IRDs) was performed. Rare monoallelic sequence variants in ABCA4, ABCC6, IMPG1, POC1B and RAX2 were found. The presence of calcified elastic fibers was assessed by ultrastructural analysis on a skin biopsy. Diagnosis of PXE was based on clinical, biomolecular and morphological results, although the additional involvement of several IRD genes is important to explain the unexpectedly severe ophthalmological phenotype of the patient also in prognostic and therapeutic perspectives. Data indicate that genetic screening using a wide-spectrum analysis approach is essential to assist ophthalmologists in improving patient counseling.

PMID: 34679498DOI: 10.3390/diagnostics11101800PMC: PMC8534466