We never thought we’d see this tiny miracle

It was a landmark day they never expected to celebrate.

Tristan Hall’s family were told he would not reach his first birthday – so they were delighted when he not only surpassed that but is now the proud owner of his first tooth.

The brave tot celebrated his birthday in January.

Mum Barbara Hall, 34, of South Shore, was delighted to find Tristan, who suffers from Edwards’ syndrome, had his first peg.

She said: “I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. I thought he was teething and had been putting gel on for a couple of days before, but there was no sign of anything.

“Then suddenly, I saw his bit of white on his gum and realised he had his first tooth.

“I was so excited. I was running round, phoning my mum and the whole family to tell them about it.

“It’s a landmark we didn’t think we would see.”

Tristan has a hole in his heart, which is a like a ticking clock which could stop at any time.

The rare genetic disorder affects the major systems of his body, including his heart and digestive tract and causes delayed growth and development.

Children with the syndrome often suffer from frequent chest and urine


Tristan’s family have to be extremely careful – especially when they are ill – as he is so susceptible to infections.

Only five-per-cent of babies born with Edwards’ Syndrome survive past their first birthday.

But Mrs Hall, who has two older children, Linda, 17 and Wayne, 14, said: “Tristan is doing really well. Every day is precious as we never thought he would even make his first birthday after what the

doctors told us.

“But he is doing so well. We just take each day as it comes.

“He has been a bit poorly recently, he had a viral infection and had to go into hospital for a few days. But he started to get better when they started him on medication, his temperature came down, and he was allowed home.

“Apart from that, he is doing great.”

The family celebrated Tristan’s first birthday in January with a visit to Blackpool Tower and the Sea Life Centre, as well as a big party.

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