Twin Boys Need Help in Getting Wheelchair Accessible Van

One year ago, an Idaho Falls couple was shocked to hear doctors say their twin boys were dying from a rare disease that eats at the muscle.

Friends and family want to make sure that for however long the Devereaux boys live, their lives are full of joy and comfort. Once a week, Jessica Devereaux takes her three year old twin boys Hunter and Thayne to physical therapy.

Soon, these boys will be transitioning from their stroller to motorized wheelchairs and they will need a van that is wheelchair accessible that includes a lift.

It’s a life Jereme and Jessica never imagined when their children were born. As the boys grew older, their parents noticed they were having trouble sitting up, and weren’t hitting milestones like other children their age. After many tests, doctors told her the twins had Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

Jessica Devereaux: “It’s a terminal disease there is no cure for it, as of yet, they are working on a cure but right now there is no cure for it it’s just a matter of giving ’em quality of life and quality care.”

She is hopeful a cure is on the horizon and that comes in time to save her boys lives. The physical therapy is a crucial part of their young lives by keeping muscles and joints strong.

Each day, she notices they are getting weaker. Hunter and Thayne have Type 2 S.M.A. Those with type one, never live past childhood.

Jessica Devereaux: “It’ll eventually take over their whole bodies, right now it’s just taken basically from the rump down, they still have use of their arms but eventually it will take over their whole body. It’s basically like being paralyzed, completely paralyzed but they can feel everything.”

Hunter and Thayne have never crawled and never walked but they can talk and absolutely melt your heart with their laughter and smiles. Their parents thankful for each day they have with them.

Friends and family are putting on a rummage sale next Friday and Saturday June 12th and 13th to raise money for a wheelchair accessible van.

It will be in the parking lot of Snake River Chiropractic at 275 North Woodruff. That’s in front of Winco in Idaho Falls.

For more details on the rummage sale, and how you can donate items for the fundraiser call Maria Price at 604-1088. They can also arrange to pick up your donated items for the rummage sale.

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