Three-year-old boy diagnosed with rare disease is fighting to get his fingers and toes back

MOBILE, Ala. — A special story about a three-year-old boy who needs the public’s help.

Alijah Cunningham was born with a rare disease that caused him to lose all of his fingers and toes.

Now, his parents are on a journey to gift him with what he lost.

But you would never know what he’s been through just by looking at him.

“He’s a superhero and a rock star and we just want him to be the best rockstar he can,” Sarah Cunningham, Alijah’s mother said.

Since the day he was born, Alijah has been a superhero in his parent’s eyes.

But he isn’t like every other kid.

Alijah was born with a rare disease called Apert Syndrome, which causes the bones in his hands and feet to fuse together.

Something that shocked not only his parents but doctors.

“It was a surprise initially in our birthing plan. We didn’t know until he was born,” Sarah said.

“Just all of a sudden the doctors, nurses, and all get quiet,” Andy Cunningham, Alijah’s father said. “And just all of a sudden no questions, no talking, and just all of a sudden it was quiet for two minutes.”

That silence lasted for eight days until Sarah and Andy were able to find out that Alijah was diagnosed with a disease that 1 in 88,000 children get.

That’s when the clock started ticking for them to figure out what to do and the options were pricey.

“We’re actually trying to move forward with releasing his syndactyly to give him his ten digits like me and you,” Sarah said. “But it’s also a two-stage procedure. So we kind of doubled it. So we’re estimating around a hundred grand.”

Despite the countless surgeries, even spending the first several months of his life in the hospital, Alijah’s parents say he acts just like every other kid.

“He’s never skipped anything. He plays just the same as all the other kids. He’s just as weird as all the other kids and he’s just as fun as them.” Sarah said. “It’s okay to be different. We’re all a little different. We’re all a little strange. And that’s what makes us special.”

Anyone wanting to donate and contribute to help Alijah have all of his fingers and toes his parents have set up a Go Fund Me.

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