Survivor of rare disease gives back to community

KYLE — After learning that he had a second chance at life, Brandon Higgins wanted to contribute something great for his community.

The Kyle resident contracted the rare Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF), which is spread through the bite of an infected tick, in 2006 while he was a junior at Hays High School. Brandon Higgins did not receive the diagnosis or the correct antibiotics for nearly two weeks because most of the doctors thought it was the flu; he was the 10th known case in the state of Texas at the time.

“I kept fighting because I had a whole life in front of me,” Brandon Higgins said. “I just had determination to see my recovery all the way through.”

Brandon Higgins and his wife, Brittney Higgins, are passionate about serving others, especially with a natural set of fraternal triplets expected in January 2022. The triplets will be welcomed by their two-year-old sister named Evelyn.

“It’s exciting [and]a little terrifying,” Brittney Higgins said. “But, if you were to know us, you would say we are definitely a family that can handle triplets.”

The Higgins have been mission-oriented since they were teenagers.

“They have big hearts and find personal fulfillment in helping those less fortunate,” said Debra Brewington, Brandon’s mother. “Brittney is compassionate about working with disabled children not only as a special education teacher, but also in church ministry. Brandon is always there to help anyone in need from delivering water, groceries and transporting people to safety during the big freeze in February to mowing the lawn for an elder, making home repairs for someone unable to hire a repairman or providing Christmas gifts to a needy family.”

In August 2020, the Higgins family started a microgreen business to sell at local farmers markets in Buda, Dripping Springs, San Marcos and Austin. Brandon Higgins explained that microgreens have been used for research in cancer, autoimmune diseases, arthritis and autism.

The microgreen business will bring an extra income for the soon-to-be family of six.