Rare Diseases South Africa hold annual Denim Walk at Walter Sisulu Botanical Garden

Rare Diseases South Africa (RDSA) held its annual Denim Walk at Walter Sisulu Botanical Garden on March 4.

Family, friends, survivors, and sufferers turned lush green lawns into a sea of white cotton and blue denim.

South Africa has just short of four million suffering from rare genetic and congenital disorders and the three-kilometre walk goes some way in helping the diagnosed in being recognised while fighting for improved health services and quality of life.

In the afternoon twilight, walkers and strollers were challenged to show and share their colours, many wearing colourful hats, wigs, and dyes to punctuate their white and blue uniforms of solidarity.

The South African government lacks an adequate definition of what a rare disease is which hampers research, adequate treatment, and even medical insurance.

The work of RDSA helps to bridge these gaps and restore dignity to uncertain lives.