Peregrine Releases Results For Brain Cancer Trial

Peregrine has presented the data for ongoing trail for brain cancer at Society of Nuclear Medicine 2009 Annual Meeting.

The study supports the potential for Cotara to treat brain cancer.

Cotara, a targeted monoclonal antibody linked to a radioisotope, is being developed as a potential new treatment for glioblastoma multiforme (GBM).

The open label dosing and dosimetry clinical study was to confirm the maximum tolerated dose of Cotara, to determine radiation dosimetry and to assess overall patient survival, progression free survival and the proportion of patients alive at six months following Cotara administration.

The final planned patient in the dosimetry study is currently being enrolled.

The clinical study shows that patients who received Cotara have all either met or exceeded the expected median survival time of six months, for recurrent GBM patients.

Joseph Shan, Vice President of clinical and regulatory affairs at Peregrine, said: “These positive data analyzed by a leading dosimetry expert validate a key principle underlying the Cotara program, confirming its ability to specifically concentrate in and deliver a high radiation dose to brain tumors.”

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