Parents pay tribute to Radford nursery

When little Callum Miles was born with a rare genetic disorder, his parents were told he would probably have to go to a special needs school.

But two years after his mum and dad fought to get him into nursery, the four-year-old is now looking forward to starting at a mainstream primary school.

Callum has Pfeiffer Syndrome, a condition which only affects about one in every 100,000 babies and causes bones in the skull to fuse too quickly.

His parents Teresa Kavanagh and Tony Miles, of Rollason Close, Radford, Coventry, said they wanted to say a huge thank-you to staff at Little People’s Nursery, in Drapers Field, for all the help they have given their son.

Teresa, aged 28, who works part time at Hereward College, said going to the nursery had changed her little boy completely.

She said: “He has developed so well. He couldn’t even talk before he came here.

“Nothing is ever too much for them to do. Callum has breathing problems and has a breathing tube and feeding tube. The girls have done the training to look after him and they have to renew their training every three months.

“When he was really little we were advised to send him to a special needs nursery but I wanted him to go to a mainstream one. I argued he may look different but his brain is normal.

“I wanted things to be as normal as possible for him. It’s been so important for his development.”

Callum has had to have 27 operations during his short life to relieve the pressure on his brain caused by the bones in his skull.

His last operation was just eight weeks ago and he will have to have regular surgery until he is 18.

Teresa said Callum had loved the nursery and was looking forward to starting at Holy Family Primary School in September.

“I am a bit nervous because I don’t really want him to leave here but he’s got to go to school at some point. He’ll have a community worker with him at school as the school hasn’t had the training yet,” she said.

“They have been so accommodating at the nursery, we just can’t thank them enough. The pressure on his brain causes headaches which can leave him unable to concentrate or get involved with things.

“At home he can mope about but when he’s here, he just gets on with things. He loves playing with the other kids.”

Dad Tony, aged 34, said he was delighted at how much Callum had improved over the last two years.

He said: “If it wasn’t for the nursery I don’t think he would have progressed as far as he has.

“He’s scared of having x-rays and they have said they will come with us to the hospital to help him with play therapy. They’ve also been reading stories featuring x-rays in the nursery which has been a big benefit.

“They can do more with the kids than we can at home.”

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