He’s not deterred by his handicap

BELGAUM — He is a big challenge for the medical field. A handicapped boy having innumerous fractures in his body, has been preparing to participate at the national-level swimming competition.

Mohin Mustaque Junned, a 12-year-old boy is suffering from a rare disease that causes zero bone calcium. It is called Osteogenesis Imperfecta in medical terms. His bones are so soft that a slight blow may cause a fracture. Mohin can’t stand on his feet and is not able to catch anything in his hands due to the fractures.

The family from Kudachi in Raibag taluk is now settled in Belgaum. They stopped consulting doctors for his treatment. They have already spent lakhs of rupees but their hopes were shattered when top specialized doctors said there was no remedy for this disease. Doctors have suggested to handle the boy with care and inject medicines containing calcium components permanently.

Kousar, mother of the boy said, Mohin got the first fracture when he was nine months of age. His grandfather thought why the boy couldn’t move through his legs and hands and tried to support him. But the boy suddenly collapsed due to a facture in the leg. Till the age of two Mohin had over 50 fractures.

Coach for disabled kids Umesh Kalghatagi has taken the challenge to train him in swimming. Since the last four months every morning Kousar carries him to a swimming pool at Goaves. Now Mohin can swim for over an hour in water. Whenever his legs are immovable Mohin pushes back water by his hands like a tortoise.

Because the boy is physically sensitive, the entire team of the coach is handling him with extra care. Speaking with the Times of India Kalghatagi said, he has been preparing Mosin for the national-level competition to be held in Gwalior in October for handicapped children. Mosin will win the gold in his category, he said confidently.

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