Genetron Health Releases New Data Results of HCCscreen™ for Liver Cancer Early Screening in China

BEIJING – Genetron Holdings Limited (“Genetron Health” or the “Company”, NASDAQ:GTH), a leading precision oncology platform company in China that specializes in molecular profiling tests, early cancer screening products and companion diagnostics development, presented new data and results for HCCscreen™, a blood-based early screening test for hepatocellular carcinoma (“HCC”).

This multi-center prospective study, named the “HCCscreen™ Investigational Study” (HIT), is a collaboration between Genetron Health and the National Cancer Center China that started in 2019. Among a total of 1,615 HBsAg+ individuals that completed the follow-up phase by February 2021, the primary outcome showed that HCCscreen™ achieved 88% sensitivity and 93% specificity, compared with 71% sensitivity and 95% specificity, respectively, by ultrasound plus alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) combined. HCCscreen™ also achieved 40.9% positive predictive value (PPV) and 99.3% negative predictive value (NPV).

Furthermore, stratified by tumor size, 49% (28/57) of the cases identified by HCCscreen™ were in early stage, i.e. <3cm. These patients are expected to have much better prognosis than advanced stage ones. Additionally, HCCscreen™ achieved sensitivities of 85% for tumor sizes of <3cm, 96% for 3-5cm, and 88% for >5cm.

Previously, Genetron Health reported preliminary analysis results from the first 297 patients enrolled in the study. Compared with the preliminary results, the confidence interval of sensitivity had improved from 62%-100% to 80%-94%, and the confidence interval of specificity had improved from 89%-96% to 91%-94%.

“We are very pleased with the new HCCscreen™ data from this large, prospective cohort study, which showed overall better sensitivity data, and comparable specificity data versus the standard of care. These additional validation updates gave us more confidence about our assay’s performance, and we will move forward to initiate an NMPA registrational study in the second quarter of this year,” said Mr. Sizhen Wang, co-founder and CEO of Genetron Health. “Overall, HCCscreen™ continues to be a leading liquid-biopsy early detection assay in hepatocellular carcinoma. We are delighted with our clinical and commercial progress to bring this product to more patients, and address an unmet, significant medical need in China.”

About HCCscreen™ and Liver Cancer

In September 2020, Genetron Health received the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”)’s Breakthrough Device designation for HCCscreen™, and the product has been commercialized recently as a lab developed test (“LDT”) in China.

Globally, liver cancer is the fourth most common cause of cancer-related death and the sixth in terms of incidence (1). China represents the largest market, accounting for almost half of the global incidences. New incidence in China was estimated to be around 393,000 per year, with 369,000 deaths (2). Market data by Frost and Sullivan estimated that as of 2019, among the 120 million high risk liver cancer population in China, around 74 million were HBV carriers.

HCCscreen™ is powered by Genetron Health’s innovative and proprietary Mutation Capsule™ technology, which enables detection of multiple methylation alterations in parallel with mutations in cell-free DNA from peripheral blood specimens.


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