Fundraising for Fragile X

The Sabo family of Rutherford will host its third-annual Fragile X benefit at Yogi Berra Stadium in Montclair Thursday, June 25.

The benefit will begin with a barbecue at 6 p.m. Then at 7:05 p.m., the New Jersey Jackals will take on the Worcester Tornadoes. Tickets for the baseball game and barbecue are $40 for adults and $20 for children. Tickets for just the game are $8. Proceeds will go toward FRAXA, a Fragile X research foundation that is fighting to find a cure for genetic disease.

Fragile X is the most common genetic cause of autism. It can also cause anxiety disorders, attention deficit and hyperactivity. Denise Sabo began the fundraiser after her son, Kyle (right), 10, was diagnosed with Fragile X.

For more information on ticket sales, call Denise at 201-978-6252.

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