Family fund-raising walk Saturday

After weeks of planning, the fund-raising walk for Bridger Gustafson will take place this Saturday, June 13, at Constitution Park in Lovell.

The fun-for-the-family event will take place at 7 a.m.

Bridger, the 5-year-old son of Blake and JanaLee Moncur Gustafson of Carrollton, Texas, and the grandson of Brent and Darlene Moncur and the great-grandson of Doyle and Elaine Moncur, all of Lovell, is battling Chronic Granulomatous Disease, a rare genetic immune deficiency disease.

With CGD, Bridger’s white blood cells don’t create hydrogen peroxide and are not able to fight off the typical bacteria, molds and funguses that people encounter in their environment every day.

He has fought the disease for years and was hospitalized for nearly two months last fall. Doctors are now planning a bone marrow transplant for Bridger at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, which will require JanaLee to relocate to Houston for several months.

Although the family has health insurance, the Gustafsons face thousands of dollars of expenses for transportation and living expenses, plus whatever medical expenses the insurance will not cover.

Saturday fun

EmRee Pugmire, Bridger’s aunt, said Saturday’s walk will be a fun event for the whole family. Although the registration fee is $15 for adults and $10 for children, anyone is welcome to donate whatever then can afford and participate in the walk. Those who register will receive a T-shirt.

The walk will focus on children, Pugmire said, and will include various walking games like walking on a 2×4 plank, walking backwards, performing a three-legged walk and a wheelbarrow walk, and walking with a ball between the knees.

There will be footprints to sign and write messages to Bridger on.

“It should just be a really fun day,” Pugmire said. “It’s celebrating childhood. It’s mainly just a happy moment.”

The event also includes a one-mile or five-kilometer run and walk.

The Pugmires recently held a walk for Bridger in Edwards, Colo., where they live. Bridger’s cousins, twins Allie and Anna, asked their friends and the community to walk for Bridger in lieu of presents for their ninth birthday.

The girls and their friends, including 55 other children and 20 adults, collected $1,771.09 for Bridger, JanaLee and Blake.

To register, call CaMee Nichols at 548-2570, Torie Dickson at 548-2581 or Brook Grant at 307-250-0998.

Donations are also being accepted for Bridger at the Bank of Lovell.

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