Family Fun Day

Preparations are taking place for a family fun day which will be held in Montrose later this summer.

The Over the Rainbow event is being planned as a final fling outdoors for families on Sunday, September 6 and as a commemoration of Montrose’s “butterfly girl” Adana Forsyth.

The day has also received a £5,000 boost after Angus Council’s corporate services committee unanimously agreed to award the grant. The report by the director of infrastructure services, Eric Lowson, which went before the committee, said the event is supported by a large number of local organisations and “the cause is admirable”.

The main highlight of the day will be the unveiling of a “butterfly” bench in memory of Adana, who died last year at the age of 10, following a life-long battle with a rare and painful skin condition.

Adana suffered from Epidermolysis Bullosa, a genetic disorder which causes the skin to blister and flake off at the slightest touch, which is also known as butterfly syndrome.

The bench, shaped as a butterfly, has been donated by pupils of the Gordon School of Dancing and will be situated in Green Park.

The day of activities coincides with the 15th anniversary of Montrose’s twinning with Luzarches in France and a delegation of 50 people will be there to take part in the fun day.

As part of the day, a special cartie challenge is to take place with Montrose’s six headteachers battling it out against each other.

But before the challenge can take place, Gordon Addison and Tom Moore need more pairs of wheels for the carties, preferably with axles, and quite sturdy. The wheels needed should be a minimum of eight inches in diameter – old pram wheels or wheelie bin wheels would be ideal.

Organiser, Robina Addison said she wanted the day to be packed with free, fun entertainment with each of the seven Mid Links parks filled with a range of activities.

Mrs Addison said everyone wanted it to be a memorable hands-on day where people can join in the fun, and she said she would like to see the whole town get behind the event.

If anyone has any wheels that would be of use for the carts, please contact the Printshop, 149 High Street, Montrose on 01674 672888.

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