Families tell their stories for Great Ormond Street

Only one in 10 million babies are born with the rare disease that this Hounslow toddler battles with.

His genetic liver condition means calcium crystals build up in Archie’s body and without a liver transplant the illness can be fatal.

Archie’s life was saved by his mum, who donated a kidney and part of her liver. Dad Ian Perrin of Grasmere Avenue, Hounslow said: “We really didn’t know if he was going to make it or not, but now he is pretty much cured, it’s just a matter of maintaining it.”

Archie, now three, who is only one of six suffering from the condition in the UK, had part of mum Andrea Foster’s liver transplanted inside him aged just 18 months, and six months later Andrea also donated her kidney.

The illness, named Primary Hyperoxaluria Type Two, caused Archie’s kidneys to fail at just six weeks old, forcing him to be on a dialysis machine for two years.

“He has good days and bad days but he is doing fine now,” said Mr Perrin.

Archie is currently at Kerswell Kids playgroup in Whitton and his parents are pleased to see him start Nelson Primary School in Richmond in September.

This Hounslow family are just one of many stepping forward and telling their stories to bring attention to Great Ormond Street Hospital’s new money raising initiative.

The well known children’s hospital is joining forces with Oxfam to raise revenue to help provide vital research and equipment to treat sick children.

The unique scheme which sees teams collecting unwanted clothes, books and homewares from people’s houses is being launched in Hounslow.

“Telling Archie’s story is our way of paying back Great Ormond Street,” said Mr Perrin. “Everyone is aware of them but until your child falls sick you don’t realise how important they actually are.”

Also involved in the scheme are Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Birmingham Children’s Hospital and The Children’s Hospital, Sheffield.

For more information visit www.tchcharity.org.uk

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