CancerVax CEO Ryan Davies Speaks with University of Utah Chemistry Professor about the Future of Therapeutic Research

Lehi, Utah — CancerVAX, Inc., developer of a breakthrough universal cancer vaccine that will use the body’s immune system to fight cancer, reported that CEO Ryan Davies discussed the future of the cancer therapeutic industry with Dr. Looper, a life-long researcher in the chemistry field.

Ryan Looper, Ph.D., Colorado State University, is a tenured Professor at the University of Utah. Dr. Looper started with his B.S. in Chemistry from Western Washington University before beginning his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry. To top off his academic credentials, Dr. Looper was a post-doctorate fellow at Harvard University, where he studied Chemical Biology. Before beginning his current role as a Professor at the University of Utah, Dr. Looper was the John Huntsman Presidential Chair with the Huntsman Cancer Institute. Dr. Looper’s work as a researcher sits at the corner of a passion for helping young academics find their future career and the forefront of new therapeutics. He noted a need for helping young scientists find a path they’re passionate about.

Dr. Looper enthusiastically discussed a natural product he’s attempting to replicate from the Panamanian Golden Frog. “This molecule is so complex, I would imagine by now there are 25 to 30 chemist years that have been put towards synthesizing this molecule, and we still don’t have it replicated in hand,” Dr. Looper said. He continued that such a project would be ideal for a passionate young graduate student to work on.

“Speaking with Dr. Looper was an exciting opportunity to see how industry researchers are encouraging young scientists to work towards their goals in therapeutic development,” CancerVAX CEO Ryan Davies said. “Dr. Looper and his colleagues are truly one of the greatest driving forces forward for a solution to many of our therapeutic challenges.”

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