Accelerating Rare disease Cures (ARC) Program

CDER’s Accelerating Rare disease Cures (ARC) Program harnesses CDER’s collective expertise and activities to provide strategic overview and coordination of CDER’s rare disease activities. CDER’s ARC Program is governed by leadership from across CDER’s Office of the Center Director, Office of New Drugs, and the Office of Translational Sciences. The program is managed by CDER’s Rare Diseases Team.


Speeding and increasing the development of effective and safe treatment options addressing the unmet needs of patients with rare diseases.


CDER’s ARC Program drives scientific and regulatory innovation and engagement to accelerate the availability of treatments for patients with rare diseases.

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To learn more about CDER’s ARC Program and its role in CDER’s rare disease activities, please read CDER Launches New Accelerating Rare disease Cures (ARC) Program.