The Arthrogryposis Group

The Arthrogryposis Group (TAG) was founded by Diana Piercy whose daughter Sarah was born with Arthrogryposis in 1980. When Sarah was almost two, Diana was put in touch with another parent whose child had the same condition and the knowledge that she was not alone brought tremendous comfort and relief. Although there had been a suggestion of a group back in 1981 nothing had happened and Diana knew that there must be other parents and adults with AMC feeling that same isolation.

In 1994 the first TAG Camp was held in Wales for 10 young people with AMC. They tried a range of outdoor activities from canoeing to abseiling and saw for the first time who AMC doesn't have to limit what they can do. Over 20 years later, it is now a central part of TAG's work.

As we enter our 30th year we all hope the group can be re-energised with the help of previous and exisiting beneficiaries of TAGs work. As Sarah's generation are now adults and need our support less, we are aware that over 200 babies are still born with AMC each year. Our goal is the same as is it always was: To reach out to as many of them as possible to ensure they and their families know they are not alone, to provide them with support, information and the benefit of others' experience and generosity.