NBIA Disorders Association

Our Mission
In our drive to find a cure for NBIA, we provide support to families, educate the public and accelerate research with collaborators from around the world.

Our Vision
A world in which NBIA Disorders no longer causes suffering or loss of life.

Our Goals
To provide a supportive environment in which people affected by NBIA and their loved ones can share needs, concerns and experiences.
To share up-to-date information about treatment and care options with all members of the NBIA community.
To increase recognition of NBIA among clinicians and other healthcare professionals and promote early diagnosis and access to optimal care.
To participate effectively in the international NBIA community and foster collaboration with our affiliated NBIA lay advocacy groups in other countries.
To build an expanding base of committed contributors who will help provide funds to achieve our vision.
To encourage, guide and fund research to improve understanding, diagnosis and treatment, and ultimately, find a cure for NBIA disorders.