Heart Failure Society of America (HFSA)

The mission of HFSA is to:

  • Promote research related to all aspects of heart failure and to provide a forum for presentation of basic, clinical, and population-based research.
  • Educating health care professionals through programs, publications, and other media in the areas of basic science, clinical medicine, patient management, and social, ethical and economic issues to enable them to diagnose and treat heart failure and concomitant medical conditions more effectively.
  • Encourage primary and secondary preventive measures to reduce the incidence of heart failure; to serve as a resource for government, private industry, and health care providers to facilitate the establishment of programs and policies that will better serve the patient.
  • Enhance quality and duration of life in those with heart failure.
  • Promote and facilitate the formal training of physicians, scientists, and allied health care providers in the field of heart failure.