Wolcott-Rallison syndrome


Wolcott-Rallison syndrome (medical condition): A very rare genetic condition characterized primarily by the onset of diabetes mellitus during infancy and epiphyseal dysplasia (abnormal joint development).


* Small for age head * Broad chest * Hand deformities * Hyperpigmentation * Seizures


❑ obesity (even an increased percentage of body fat primarily in the abdominal region); risk decreases with weight and drug therapy ❑ lack of physical activity ❑ history of GDM ❑ hypertension ❑ Black, Hispanic, Pacific Islander, Asian American, Native American origin ❑ strong family history of diabetes ❑ older than age 45 ❑ high-density lipoprotein cholesterol of less than 35 or triglyceride of greater than 250 ❑ Seriously impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) test.