Ventriculo-arterial discordance- isolated


A rare birth disorder where the right atrium is connected to the left ventricle and vice versa. The position of the heart ventricles is also inverted which allows normal blood oxygenation. Symptoms generally only occur later in life or if other heart defects are present which is usually the case.


* Cyanosis * Tachycardia * Hepatomegaly * Tachypnoea * Heart murmur * Diaphoresis * Failure to thrive * Abnormal heart rhythm * Tricuspid valve regurgitation * Congestive heart failure * Impaired right ventricular function


Transposition of the great arteries results from faulty embryonic development, but the cause of such development is unknown. In transposition, oxygenated blood returning to the left side of the heart is carried back to the lungs by a transposed pulmonary artery; unoxygenated blood returning to the right side of the heart is carried to the systemic circulation by a transposed aorta.


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