Trichostasis spinulosa


Trichostasis spinulosa is also called “bundle bush hair”. Instead of one hair protruding from a hair follicle, bundle or bush of hair come out of a single follicle. It has no pathological significance.


* Raised dark hair follicles * Clusters of hair * Spiny skin lumps


The exact cause of Trichostasis spinulosa is unknown.


Firstly no treatment is necessary for Trichostasis spinulosa. But in some cases it may require then in such cases following treatment is necessary • Topical retinoids is useful to improve the appearance. • Use of a hydroactive adhesive “deep cleaning” pad is a successful treatment for this disease. • Topical tretinoin can apply in the treatment of Trichostasis spinulosa to prevent future lesion. • Emollients and keratolytics are useful for the treatment of this disease. • The individual plugs of impacted hairs can be removed by individual plugs of impacted hairs or by using individual plugs of impacted hairs.