Thyroid cancer- familial medullary


Medullary thyroid cancer is completely different than the more common papillary and follicular types. Medullary thyroid cancer is usually not classified in terms of differentiation because it does not arise from the thyroid cells themselves, but rather from the specialized "C-cells" that are in between the thyroid cells. These C-cells are also sometimes referred to as parafollicular cells. They are found mostly in the upper and middle parts of the thyroid and they produce a substance called calcitonin which can serve as a marker for medullary thyroid cancer. Although we know that calcitonin is somehow involved in the body's regulation of calcium, we do not know its exact function. We do know that people who have had their thyroids removed surgically, do not require replacement of calcitonin for normal function and a healthy life.


* Medullary thyroid cancer * Diarrhea * Flushing * Neck lump


Predisposing factors to thyroid cancer include radiation exposure (especially childhood radiation therapy), prolonged thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) stimulation (through radiation or heredity), familial predisposition, or chronic goiter. Thyroid cancer occurs in all age-groups, especially in people who have had radiation treatment of the neck area. It affects 1 in 1,000 people.


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