Sacral agenesis


A very rare syndrome characterized mainly by the abnormal development of the tailbone (sacrum).


* Tailbone abnormality * Short stature * Gastrointestinal tract abnormality * Dislocated hip * Abnormal placement of urethral opening in males * Clubfoot * Imperforate anus * Urethral anomaly


As with all medical conditions, there may be many causal factors. Further relevant information on causes of Sacral agenesis may be found in: * Hidden causes of Sacral agenesis


There are four levels (or "types") of malformation. The least severe indicates partial formation (unilateral) of the sacrum. The second level indicates a bilateral (uniform) deformation. And the most severe types involve a total absence of the sacrum. Depending on the type of sacral agenesis - bowel or urinary bladder deficiencies may be present. A permanent colostomy may be necessary in the case of imperforate anus. Incontinence may also require some type of continence control system (e.g. self-catheterization) be utilized. Occasionally if deformities of the knees, legs or feet would prove unresponsive to corrective action - amputation at the knee may be proposed. Before more comprehensive medical treatment was available, full amputation of the legs at the hip was often performed.