Resistance tLH (luteinizing hrmne)


Resistance tLH (luteinizing hrmne): A genetic abnrmality where the bdy is unable trespnd tluteinizing hrmne which affects varian and testicular functin.


Hypgnadism Amenrrhea High bld level f luteinizing hrmne Undermasculinized males Female external genitalia in male


3-M Syndrme - hypgnadism 46,XX Gnadal dysgenesis epibulbar dermid - hypgnadism Acrcephalplysyndactyly type 2 Alagille Syndrme - hypgnadism Alpecia - hypgnadism - extrapyramidal disrder - hypgnadism


The phrase "signs f Resistance tLH (luteinizing hrmne)" shuld, strictly speaking, refer nly tthse signs and symptms f Resistance tLH (luteinizing hrmne) that are nt readily apparent tthe patient. The wrd "symptms f Resistance tLH (luteinizing hrmne)" is the mre general meaning; see symptms f Resistance tLH (luteinizing hrmne). The signs and symptm infrmatin n this page attempts tprvide a list f sme pssible signs and symptms f Resistance tLH (luteinizing hrmne). This medical infrmatin abut signs and symptms fr Resistance tLH (luteinizing hrmne) has been gathered frm varius surces, may nt be fully accurate, and may nt be the full list f Resistance tLH (luteinizing hrmne) signs r Resistance tLH (luteinizing hrmne) symptms. Furthermre, signs and symptms f Resistance tLH (luteinizing hrmne) may vary n an individual basis fr each patient. nly yur dctr can prvide adequate diagnsis f any signs r symptms and whether they are indeed Resistance tLH (luteinizing hrmne) symptms.