Renpenning syndrome 1


Renpenning syndrome 1: A very rare genetic disrder that affects males and is characterized mainly by mental retardatin and facial anmalies.


Mental retardatin Small head Lng face Narrw face Shrt stature


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The phrase "signs f Renpenning syndrme 1" shuld, strictly speaking, refer nly tthse signs and symptms f Renpenning syndrme 1 that are nt readily apparent tthe patient. The wrd "symptms f Renpenning syndrme 1" is the mre general meaning; see symptms f Renpenning syndrme 1. The signs and symptm infrmatin n this page attempts tprvide a list f sme pssible signs and symptms f Renpenning syndrme 1. This medical infrmatin abut signs and symptms fr Renpenning syndrme 1 has been gathered frm varius surces, may nt be fully accurate, and may nt be the full list f Renpenning syndrme 1 signs r Renpenning syndrme 1 symptms. Furthermre, signs and symptms f Renpenning syndrme 1 may vary n an individual basis fr each patient. nly yur dctr can prvide adequate diagnsis f any signs r symptms and whether they are indeed Renpenning syndrme 1 symptms.