Renal tubular acidsis- distal


Distal renal tubular acidsis is a disease that ccurs when the kidneys dn't remve acid prperly intthe urine, leaving the bld tacidic (called acidsis).


Fatigue Weakness Cnfusin r decreased alertness Increased rate f breathing


Yur kidneys nrmally regulate yur bdy's pH by cntrlling acids. Distal renal tubular acidsis (Type I RTA) is caused by a defect in the kidney tubes that causes acid tbuild up in the bldstream.


The gal is trestre the nrmal pH (acid-base level) and nrmal electrlyte balance. This will indirectly crrect bne disrders and reduce the risk f nephrcalcinsis and kidney stnes. The underlying cause shuld be crrected if it can be identified. Alkaline medicatins such as ptassium citrate and sdium bicarbnate are administered tcrrect the acidic cnditin f the bdy. Sdium bicarbnate administratin may crrect the lss f ptassium and calcium.