Renal caliceal diverticuli deafness


Renal caliceal diverticuli - deafness: A very rare syndrme characterized mainly by deafness and urinary tract and kidney anmalies. Mre detailed infrmatin abut the symptms, causes, and treatments f Renal caliceal diverticuli - deafness is available belw.


Abnrmal urinary tract functin Abnrmal kidney functin Deafness Dilated ureter Ureter anmalies


These hme medical tests may be relevant tRenal caliceal diverticuli - deafness: Bladder & Urinary Health: Hme Testing: Hme Bladder Tests Hme Urinary Tract Infectin (UTI) Tests Hme Cystitis Tests Hme Kidney Tests Hme Urine Prtein Tests (Kidney Functin) Hme Prstate Cancer Tests