Pseudoxanthoma elasticum- forme fruste


An inherited systemic disease of connective tissue involving progressive calcification and degeneration of elastic fibers throughout the body, including the skin, eyes and cardiovascular system.


* Impaired vision * Retinal hemorrhage * Myopia * Blue sclerae * Macular degeneration * Angoid retinal streaks * High arched palate * Yellowish nodules inside lips * Mitral valve prolapse * Claudication * Angina * Arteriosclerosis * Premature vascular disease * Reduced peripheral pulse * Chest deformities * Gastrointestinal hemorrhage * Kyphosis * Scoliosis * Calcification of medium-sized blood vessels * Calcification of arteries * Calcification of falx cerebri * Small yellow bumps in mouth * Small yellow bumps in armpits * Small yellow bumps on neck * Small yellow bumps on elbows * Small yellow bumps on groin * Small yellow bumps preumbilical region * Peau d'orange skin * Elastosis perforans serpiginosa * Itchy skin * Clusters of red circular-patterned skin bumps * Brain hemorrhage


signs and symptoms of Pseudoxanthoma elasticum, forme fruste may vary on an individual basis for each patient. Only your doctor can provide adequate diagnosis of any signs or symptoms and whether they are indeed Pseudoxanthoma elasticum, forme fruste symptoms.