Pili torti


Pili torti - developmental delay - neurological abnormalities: A very rare syndrome characterized mainly by developmental delay, twisted hair shafts and neurological symptoms.


Sparse eyebrows Absent eyebrows Sparse eyelashes Absent eyelashes Twisted hair shaft


The common cause of pili torti is genetics, and usually develops in early childhood. Genetic pili torti is most frequently found in people with thin, blond hair. However, occasionally an individual may develop the hair disorder later in life. The acquired causes of twisted hair fibers are due to damage of the skin from burns or other forms of scarring. Pili torti is sometimes diagnosed in some people who are suffering from anorexia nervosa or taking some drugs, like retinoids.


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There are no treatments or professional hair care products for pili torti, but sometimes the condition can improve spontaneously after a period of time.