Pigmented purpuric eruption


Pigmented purpuric eruption (medical condition): A disorder involving blood capillary inflammation associated with excess pigmentation.


Irregular skin plaques - mostly on legs Orange brownish plaques


The cause is unknown. Rare familial cases of Schamberg disease and Majocchi disease have been reported in the literature, implying a genetic cause in a minority of patients.


Schamberg's disease usually runs a chronic course with frequent exacerbations and remissions.The rash may be present for many years with slow extension. Lesions may occasionally disappear spontaneously. There has been three reports of patients with Schamberg's disease developing T-cell lymphoma.


There is no cure for Schamberg's disease - any suspected precipitants should be withdrawn. Itching - treat with mild topical corticosteroid or antihistamines Superimposed infection - will need antibiotics Systemic steroids - no real evidence of their benefit1 Other tried treatments include vitamin C supplements, laser therapy and wearing support hosiery to prevent venous stasis.2 There is no evidence of definite benefit of the former two. Immunosuppressants have also been used.2 Psoralen therapy has been used but the number of cases with successful outcomes is few.