Phacomatosis fourth


Phacomatosis, fourth (medical condition): A rare genetic disorder characterized by excessive blood vessel growth, calcium accumulation inside the brain and seizures.


Some of the symptoms of Phacomatosis, fourth incude: * Facial birthmark - like a port wine stain, usually touching eyelid and forehead, colored from light pink to deep purple * Angiomas * Seizures - usually on the opposite side of the body to the birthmark * Hemiparesis * Developmental delay


Some of the causes of Phacomatosis, fourth are included in the list below: * Tuberous sclerosis * Ataxia telangiectasia * Epidermal naevus syndrome * Neurofibromatosis type 1 * Sturge-Weber syndrome


Treatments for Phacomatosis, fourth (Sturge-Weber Syndrome) include: * Symptomatic * Laser treatment for birthmark * Anticonvulsant medications