PHACE association


PHACE association: A very rare syndrome characterized mainly by a brain malformation (involving the posterior fossa), large facial hemangioma and eye, heart and artery anomalies.


The list of signs and symptoms mentioned in various sources for PHACE association includes the 21 symptoms listed below: * Facial hemangioma * Eye anomaly * Midbrain anomaly * Heart septal defect * Abnormal eye movements * Glaucoma * Bulging eyes * Optic disc anomaly * Small eyes * Small jaw * Small ears * Missing external ears * Abnormal blood vessel changes in skin * Cataracts at birth * Aneurysms * Coloboma * Optic atrophy * Strabismus * Underdeveloped optic nerve * Delayed development * Seizures


Prognosis of PHACE association: condition is often lethal in males