Penoscrotal transposition


Penoscrotal transposition: A very rare malformation where the penis and scrotum completely or partially swap positions. Other abnormalities are also usually associated.


* Abnormal urethral opening position in males * Bowed penis * Abnormal nipple location * Heart disease * Brain degeneration (cerebral cortex) * Curved fifth finger * Kidney abnormality * Small jaw * Pectus carinatum * Simian crease * Spindle shaped fingers * Prominent back of head * Groove in chin * Epicanthic folds * Bifid scrotum * Ureter abnormality


Conditions listing Penoscrotal transposition as a symptom may also be potential underlying causes of Penoscrotal transposition. Our database lists the following as having Penoscrotal transposition as a symptom of that condition: * Chromosome 13 ring syndrome * Chromosome 13q deletion syndrome


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