Pachyonychia congenita Jackson Lawler type


A rare genetic ectodermal disorder characterized by thick nails


* Progressive nail thickening * Yellow-brown discoloration of nails * Pinched nail margins * Upward angulation of end of nails * Hypoplastic nails * Plantar bullae * Palmar bullae * Epidermal cysts * Verrucous lesions * Verrucous lesions on elbows * Verrucous lesions on knees * Verrucous lesions on lower legs * Teeth present at birth * Premature primary tooth loss by 4-6 months * Early loss of secondary teeth * Dental caries


* Fever Tests * Ear Infection Tests * Flu Tests


Jackson-Lawler type pachyonychia congenita: Another name for Pachyonychia congenital syndrome type II