Noonan like syndrome


A very rare syndrome characterized mainly by heart problems, facial anomalies and a sunken chest.


The list of signs and symptoms mentioned in various sources for Noonan-like syndrome includes the 16 symptoms listed below: * Low hair line at nape * Sparse scalp hair * Webbed neck * Anteverted nostrils * Sunken chest * Buildup of fluid inside skull * Narrowed pulmonary valve * Narrowed pulmonary artery * Deep upper lip groove * Epicanthic folds * Heart disease * Broad nose * Sparse eyebrows * Small nose * Low set ears * Delayed bone age


Diagnosis of LS or NLS is based on the presence of multiple lentigines or osteolytic lesions, respectively, in addition to symptoms typical of NS. LS- or NLS-specific symptoms may not develop until later in childhood, delaying the diagnosis.