Myotonia atrophica


Myotonic dystrophy is an inherited disorder in which the muscles contract but have decreasing power to relax. With this condition, the muscles also become weak and waste away. (Source: Genes and Disease by the National Center for Biotechnology)


* Muscle stiffness * Muscle hypertrophy * Progressive muscle wasting * Progressive muscle weakness * Prolonged muscle tensing * Inability to relax muscles after moving * Impaired ability to release grip * Cataracts * Heart conduction defects * Balding in males * Infertility in males * Rigid muscles after attempting movement * Slow chewing * Slow swallowing * Slow talking * Slow walking * Large muscles * Overdeveloped muscles * Difficulty relaxing muscles * Difficulty releasing grip


* Reese-Ellsworth syndrome * Rieger Syndrome


Prognosis of Myotonic Dystrophy: non-progressive condition which may improve with age


* No treatment - not all cases require treatment * Quinine * Phenytoin * Anticonvulsant drugs * Physical therapy


Myotonia atrophica: Another name for Myotonic Dystrophy