Mental retardation Buenos Aires type


Mental retardation, Buenos Aires type: A very rare syndrome characterized mainly by mental retardation, physical retardation, unusual facial appearance and heart and kidney defects.


* Mental retardation * Physical retardation * Small head * Speech defect * Hydrocephalus * Facial anomalies * Atrial septal defect * Short head * Wide set eyes * Increased muscle tone * Malocclusion * Osteoporosis * Pectus carinatum * Sensitivity to light * Short stature * Blepharphimosis * Enlarged ureter * Umbilical hernia * Pelvis anomaly * Protruding jaw * Abnormal nails * Abnormal tooth shape * Sloping forehead * Narrow forehead * High arched palate * Broad nose * Cardiac septal defect * Vertebral abnormalities * Abnormal tooth positions


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